Monday, February 27, 2012

First Post: About this blog

Ok, so this is my first post. I intend to weed through all the douchebaggery of infant / kid / family / man products and services to highlight certain pieces of kit (gear for you Americans) that is simply Bad Ass, kit that makes you a Bad Ass Dad. Kit like strollers, man bags, multi-tools, textiles, yes even vehicles...maybe even vacations.

So why Bad Ass Dad? By nature of my background, I'm a hard-use guy, I expect and demand the best out of the equipment I procure:
  • Safety
  • Resistance to harsh and inclement weather
  • Durability and lifecycle
  • Expediency and Efficiency of deployment
  • Value for Product
  • Comfort (perceived or otherwise)
I've handled several pieces of kit that looked good in the glossy Toys-R-Us catalogue, but upon attempting one-handed lift and deployment of said kit, it just fails.

I don't know what direction this blogspot will take, but I also intend to bitch about the numerous pieces of shite products out there as well.

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Full Disclosure: Unless noted, Bad Ass Dad has not been compensated in any means to review this gear. It is all his own, procured through pro-channels, retail, or issuance.