Tuesday, February 28, 2012

BAD Gear: Watches: Casio G-Shock DW-5600 (H)

For my first review, I am going to post about watches, rather, Bad Ass Watches. The reason being, I am still overseas, and this is what I have available to me. When I get back domestic, I will review the more substantial gear...

Every Bad Ass Dad needs a watch. I don't have to espouse the benefits of having a decent and sturdy watch that can take beatings, last a long time on batteries, and just simply easy to use and read.

Enter the Casio G-Shock DW-5600 (H)
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I've rocked this watch for 20 years already, and other than  one battery change, one bezel change, and one strap change, this watch is my Every Day Carry (EDC) watch. 

Some of the key features that I like about this watch:
  • Easy to Read Display
  • Day of the week / Month / Date
  • Water Resistant to 200m (when Bad Ass Dad goes diving in Bad Ass places, also means spit-up and puke resistant)
  • Daily Alarm and Hourly Chime
  • Dual Time (Different Timezone - for when Bad Ass Dad works in Bad Ass places and wants to know what time is a good time to Skype Bad Ass Mom and Bad Ass Daughter back home)
  • Countdown Timer (for when you have to put your kid in 3 minute timeouts, or make the perfect soft-boiled egg for your preggers wife, or grill the perfect ribeye)
  • Stopwatch with memory (for when Bad Ass Dad needs to time his swim laps)
  • Classic G-Shock Protection
  • Low Profile, Not Bulky (Doesn't scream "look at me I'm a wannabe diver but I stay at home playing COD4"), and you don't look like a hipster douchebag dad
  • Long Lasting Battery
  • Rubberized Strap means no stinky, and no dead skincells stuck between linkages, and no skin allergies to cheap silver and metal
  • Rounded soft edges (unlike metal watches - so when you are monkeying around with your kid you don't lacerate their face)
  • Modest price for its value ($85 cdn)
  • Made in Japan muthaf*ckers!!!!
If there is one thing I am not liking about this watch it is the anemic light source. It has since been fixed with their version of indiGLO in subsequent models

I have other watches that I use for office work, and formal outings, but for daily use, nothing beats a utilitarian watch that has everything you need, and nothing you don't. Why would Bad Ass Dad need a tachometer bezel? or a compass? or an altimeter? He wouldn't. 

I'm not saying that G-Shocks are the best watch out there, it is the best for me. I have been known to use a Timex Ironman

However the nylon strap got stinky real quick, and the watch bezel got smashed up against an AK-47. So I went back to using the G-Shock. The Ironman is also a very nice watch, but I would change the strap to something rubberized. Note that it is not marketed as having shock absorption. 

Whatever you choose, don't buy a flashy watch like most  douchebag dads do, its going to just disappoint you. If you must go analog, Swatches are very utilitarian, and have a bit of style, and you won't cry when you have to buy another one.


  1. All round I have to agree with you, Casio is tough and batteries are easy to score most place globally. BUT if I am going to wear a watch, their is only one US issued watch the BENRUS Type I or Type II, they where used in the juggles of Nam and are proven. I also like the SANDY 660, and of course our Canadian Marathon SAR, JSAR, and TSAR. Best Jim

  2. I've had a couple different g shocks throughout my life but I seem to always go back to the 5600e.
    Don't need atomic or solar. Got mine in 98 and haven't had to replace a battery yet. I've worked in communications for 15 yrs installing cell phone towers all over the US. Just recently in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area on the Canadian/Minnesota border......In the winter. Temps reached 30 below with windchill of 50 below. As well as repairing towers after Katrina in near 100 degrees and humid as hell. That's around a 130 degree temperature flux and my 5600 has never failed me. A coworkers had a breitling that took a dump on him on the Minnesota job. He now wears a g shock.

  3. Thanks for your detailed appraisal of this watch. I previously owned Omega seamaster, a Tissot T-Touch Solar expert, but when a casio 158 randomly came to my youtube recommendations, I couldn't stop viewing hundreds of videos regarding casio vintage style watches, and finally I ordered dw-5600 at amazon yesterday. Just a question that the one I ordered is made in China, and is around 37 bucks. Do you know whether it holds up to the same extent to the one made in Japan as you have? I mean robust + battery life wise.

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