Sunday, March 11, 2012

BAD Gear: Clothing: Vertx ColdBlack Polo

Operational Mentoring
Every Bad Ass Dad should have a polo shirt. Its smart, its casual, its professional. I might be cresting on ghey territory by skimming the surface of fashion, but it should be noted. A good polo shirt can have a multitude of uses. For example, BAD can wear the same polo shirt for golfing (if he golfed), sailing (if he sailed), reading the sunday times in a citchy coffee shop, shooting bad guys in the face, pushups, standing in the sun for hours, driving in an open top convertible down the Big Sur, or just around the compound kicking it old school.

BAD owns several polo shirts (Ralph Lauren Polo fan-boy). For missions, however, BAD always packs his Vertx ColdBlack Polo shirts. Billed as clothing for the "Operational Athlete" this polo shirt incorporates some textile technology that BAD has come to rely on. Vertx also makes a sweet pair of pants that are professional without looking like a 5.11 douchebag or an Aeropostle/Old Navy cargo pant wannabe hipster.

Looking Professional
and shit
 After meeting the Vertx Rep at DS Tactical, BAD picked up some pants ($64.99 CDN) and shirts ($54.99 CDN) - of course I get the pro rate. I should mention that Vertx collaborates with Arc'teryx, creating a  combined effort product. That's all I will say about that. Vertx has listed the following features for the shirt:
  • Vertx polos are made with a unique material called coldblack®, a special finishing technology for textiles which reduces heat build-up and provides reliable protection from UV (30+ SPF)  from Schoeller Technologies AG. reflecting up to 80% of the sun’s rays.
  • 100% moisture wicking polyester, no-fade performance fabric and the non roll collar with stay looks professional enough for duty wear wash after wash.
  • Athletically patterned polo features a raglan sleeve for ease of movement.
  • Performance 6.5 oz pique knit fabric.
  • Mic tab or sunglass loop at base of placket
At the office
There's also a feature that wasn't advertised but was told to me - anti-odour. There are other brands like the Under Armour or the 5.11 that offer something similar; however, BAD liked that these shirts are not logo-ized. I've been wearing these shirts on rotation, for about a year now. They have traveled with me from Canada, to the US, to France, to Germany, to Cuba, to Nigeria. I have worn them under training conditions, recreationally, in the office, under the beating sun, under body armour, and of course - operationally. These shirts are so versatile that I can adapt it to any setting. 

Value-added Push-ups bitches!!
I find that true to the marketing, the polo's fit is made for an athletic body-type. We all know hipsters are skinny f*cks so this ain't for them. We also know that momma's basement armchair commandos are fat f*cks - this ain't made for them either. These shirts are purpose-built for men and women who do Bad Ass things. They also make a line specifically for the operational woman athlete, and from what I can tell, it's a very effeminate fit. Ok, back to the guy stuff. It's loose where it needs to be, and fitting where it needs to be providing all day comfort and very good range of motion. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it'll make your biceps and chest look huge, while keeping the amount of Heineken consumed secret. 

Kicking it ol' school
Intentional or not, wearing 15-30lbs of body armour all day on top of it, I don't get any friction burn or rashes from either the stitching nor the location of the seams. There's only one thing that I am beginning to notice. The area where the shoulder pads sit, the face of the fabric is pilling. But hey, that's after 1 year's worth of wearing and washing. About the washing - the colour hasn't faded. Here in tropical Africa, we use a lot of spray sunscreen and bug-juice. That, combined with perspiration, and harmattan dust makes from some dirty shirts. After a good wash, it is as good as new. 

Jalapenos and peppers.
This shirt is also quick-dry. Several times BAD (sorry BAD/I switch between the first/third person) has been caught in monsoons. BAD does not use umbrellas. In less time it takes to eat a 14" pizza, I was dry. This feature would also be good for recreation, for example, just touring around a nice tropical town on the equatorial belt without being all sweaty and shit. What BAM would want to be close to a sweaty BAD anyway. 

Rocking the Vertx shirts & pants
I'm not a SME on textiles - but I did stay at the Holiday Inn. So I do know, what works, and what I prefer. I prefer this shirt over some of the similarily marketed and priced performance polos out there. It just works for me. Something that is totally awesome about Vertx is that they listen to their customer base. They appreciate feedback and are very active in recognizing any concerns or comments regarding their products. Just like Arc'teryx, one of my other favourite textile manufacturing companies. 
Hanging out at a tropical island
with BAK

Looking at these images, my readership may think that this is all I wear. Not true. I also wear black, brown and tan. So, if any of you Bad Ass Dads are looking for polo's, give Vertx a try. One might think that $60'ish is a lot to spend on a polo shirt. Is it? If hipsters and faux-hemians can spend $125 on factory-ripped skinny jeans and then $50 on a 5 dollar shirt and still look like a douchebag, then why not spend $60 and look like a professional thing doer.


  1. Do you wear the fake polos from HK

    1. I tried to buy fanban polo's from HK. But I couldn't find them at all. I was going to sell them as real here.

  2. Thanks for the review. I'm trying to figure out the best size for the Vertx Polo any advice on how it fits? : )
    I'm 5.7, 165 lb, and fairly well build.

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