Monday, March 5, 2012

BAD Gear: Starbucks Barista Aroma Solo 16oz. Mug

Bad Ass Dads worldwide have at one time or another owned, used, and abused coffee mugs. Whether you used it during a 14 hour drive through the Yellowhead Trail, or monitoring comms during a 12 hour shift inside the Strat Troop "Red Room", or...if like me, at this current moment, attending a 3 hour sit-down with the Local Nationals during OMLT, the coffee mug is one of the most important items a BAD can have.

Not only does a good coffee mug keep your vile swill hot, it also keeps your drink secure within the confines of the vessel, thereby risk mitigating the spillage of hot contents onto your BAK's face - making them hate you forever. A good mug also serves as a possible improvised self-defense implement (a well-placed contact to the head of a bad guy will induce severe pain. One can then "Finish Him" by pouring hot content on bad guy's face). BAD's biggest reason for maintaining a mug is that it provides comfort and security. It's easier to describe in the negation...BAD feels 'naked' without the mug in hand (like how BAD feels 'naked' without his Casio G-Shock). It is also a medium for placing advertisement adhesive transfer paper from your favourite coffee shop.

Enter the Starbucks Barista Aroma Solo 16oz Mug aka "Mug". I've had this mug for about 11 years now. Although it is not available in stores anymore the premise is to find a mug that contains similar features for your consideration. This  traveller's mug is actually part of a coffee-machine system by Starbucks. F*ck the machine, just the get mug. This mug is my go-to and I will tell you why:

  • Stainless outside AND inside with vacuum - The vacuum creates a thermally insulated layer of dead-space that keeps your vile swill hot(or cold) for up to 2 hours. Other benefits include:
    • Stainless is easy to clean (no build up of swill-crud)
    • Can be used as a weapon
    • Non-magnetic, so won't f*ck up your compass reading if you happen to have your SUUNTO beside your mug, but what proper Pathfinder would be such a f*ck up...well it actually might, as all metals have a magnetic-field (if we are discussing in pure physics), OK, so it won't FUBAR it too much.
    • It won't dent without some serious pounding
    • It's a hefty 2 pounds.
    • The exterior surface has 2 columns of square divots pressed into the skin on opposing sides. Most likely to provide a positive contact (tactile) experience.
  • It features a plastic inverted 'L' handle, as well as a screw-on plastic lid with fliptop.
    • I prefer a mug with a handle, it just feels good. I utilize a neutral grip around the mug, using the handle as a grip-stop, or sometimes just to hang off of. The handle can be used as a hook to secure it to the seat-back during plane ride, or your backpack etc.
    • The screw-on plastic lid has a rubber o-ring that prevents spillage and creates a seal. The flip top secures the swish and is flipped open to gain access to vile swill. The top of the lid features two small vents that allow movement of air so that a vacuous situation does not occur. When the fliptop is closed, the vents are sealed.
  • The bottom of the mug is rubberized to provide a non-slip surface. It also fits in most coffee mug holders.
The bottom of my mug specifically states Not Dishwasher Safe and Do Not Microwave. I don't put mine in the microwave, but I do routinely put mine into the dishwasher - I'm not dead yet, and my b@lls did not fall off..

There are other types of mugs out there with different features. I've had all-plastic mugs. These mugs suck the balls, because eventually the plastic will start retaining odour and your swill will begin tasting like your BAM's herbal tea (that is, if she continuously uses your mug until you buy her one of her own). Plastic mugs are also prone to breakage and scratching - especially inside the mug where you might be using a scouring pad. Eventually all these little scratches will begin harbouring bacteria that will be hard to get out.

Plastic is not really an insulating material, in the sense that it will not keep hot things hot. I've also melted my plastic mug by inadvertently placing it on top of an engine block while working on a car (yes, BADs are suppose to work on cars).

Another type of mug is the one shown in this picture. The screw off lid as a cup, thermos type. These are ok, except that it is a two-piece system. And then to gain access to the swill, it is a push-button that you drink through. I don't know, but most of the time, my hands are not clean enough that I would touch where I will be drinking.

Who the f*ck knew BAD can write so much about something as innocuous and mundane as a coffee mug. But, hey, it's part of my daily routine. So if you are out looking for a Bad Ass coffee mug, get one that will last a long time, keep your swill vile, and serve as a weapon against bad guys.


  1. I use the 16 oz. Starbucks stainless steel tumbler with rubber handle and grip. I use it as a weapon when people don't offer a pregnant woman a seat on the subway. Keeps the drink warm for hours and snap on lid ensures no leakage. Dishwasher safe since my balls haven't fallen off either.

  2. Love this mug, but can't find a replacement lid anywhere. I can only use it at home or in the car if I only half fill it. I searched EBay, nothing. Help please.


      Here you go!they're not cheap, but they're worth it if you can keep track of them!

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