Friday, March 9, 2012

BAD Gear: UV Protection: Bolle Warrant Sunglasses

Fits my small face
Everybody knows that Bad Ass Dads require bad ass sunglasses. Whether we wear the obligatory Ray-Ban Aviators or Oakley M-Frames or the pair that I have been rocking for 1 year already - Bolle Warrants, bad ass sunglasses provide us with a multitude of protection and should always be included in our Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

You gotta put your back into it
I have traditionally been an Oakley SI fan-boy, rocking the Ballistic M-Frames or similar-styled models. I really liked those glasses because they were inexpensive through the Forces Canada program, some models had "asian" nose pads, interchangeable lenses, and the ballistic protection properties that the poly carb lenses provided. I should mention that Oakley Forces Canada also has an awesome warranty and replacement program. So why did I switch to, and swear by, the Bolle Warrants?

Fist pump + high five
I was given a pair of Warrants to T&E exclusively for training and shooting. I was told the clarity is phenomenal, the ballistic protection properties are better, and the fit would be more functional for my tiny dome. My Bad Ass Colleague from Nanaimo 1 Hour Optical speaks the truth. He knows my f*cked up eyes, and gave them to me to try out. What makes this pair of eyepro great for me is that the interchangeable lenses are designed using the Toric. Toric lenses were designed to eliminate peripheral refraction - the cause of blur through the use of two different base curves - one vertical and one horizontal - that follow the eyeball curvature. All Bolle poly carb lenses exceed the ANSI standards for UV and impact protection.

Brownish Amber lens
Other things I like about this model is that it comes in small asian face size. The frame is minimalistic B88 nylon so its very lightweight and bendy, conforming to my face while still being very strong. Another feature are their nosepads and the grippy thing that goes behind the ears, what they call Thermogrip. They are designed to stay on your face when your doing hardcore activity and sweating - something BAD does a lot of.
Italia Bitches!

Although my Bolle Warrants are out of production, its upgrade, the Bolle Vortex boasts better technology, look, and feel. Although they retail at about $189 USD, I feel that they would be worth it. Talk to my peep at Nanaimo One Hour Optical and tell him BAD sent you. He will hook you up. The particular lens he installed are designed for medium light enhancing certain colours in the spectrum - optimized for shooting things. Different lenses for different missions. BAD likes that. What else does BAD like?  The Warrants are made in Italy! MII has to be better that MIC.

This particular eyepro has saved BAD's eyes on numerous occasions - I have the scars on my cheeks to prove it.

So why do I prefer this over my SI M-Frames? For my face, these are more comfortable. Also, the visual acuity and clarity that these lenses provide, enables me to do my shit better. The nosepads stay on my face when running or doing strenuous activities. I find the M-Frames would not. I also find that the lens coatings on my Oakleys, they suck. After a while they start peeling. They aren't as scratch resistant as I thought they would be, although I do trust that because it is ANSI-rated that it would protect my vision in a catastrophic event.

These glasses just look bad ass, yet doesn't scream tacti-cool. In fact they are sport-inspired, and I'd rather look like a menacing athlete than a menacing goon. BADs cannot be BAD if they wear wayfarers...just sayin'

Aviators, on the other hand, are the shit.

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