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BAK Gear: UV Protection: NoZone Sunsuits

I should preface this blog with the warning, that this should not be a sunblock replacement (like some cereals are meal replacements vs. part of a complete diet), rather this should be considered as an augmentation or supplement to a sunblock system when out where UVAB protection is required. Please consult your local public health unit for advice.

Even Bad Ass Dad gets burnt quicker than 10 years ago. So Bad Ass Dad wears sunscreen, albeit the hypoallergenic, waterproof, sans-parfume, mousse, 50SPF, baby one. So long and short is that UVAB protection is a must, and whether you choose to just lube up your naked kid, or put them in a suit, that's up to you, but please do something.

I'm actually surprised I am writing about these items. Growing up, I never wore a sunsuit, hell I'd go out butt-naked on the beach, taking a dump where I please. But gone are those times, and now the UV is more intense than ever before. Sure these things look ridiculous sometimes, but I think it is worth considering adding to your arsenal of Bad Ass Dad kit..

Sunny Van Isle
After some research Bad Ass Mom decided on the NoZone brand of sunsuits. Not only is it from a local company, it's actually good quality at a decent price. So your kid will not be winning any pageant awards, but at least she won't die from skin cancer at 40.

Here is a brief description from their website: "The classic one-piece suit, designed for play in and out of the water.  The super-tight weave of this fabric retains very little water allowing freedom of movement when wet, and dries extremely quickly.  These easy-care, one-piece suits feature three-quarter sleeves, full front zip and high collar.   As with ALL NoZone products, the durable, chlorine-resistant fabric offers full-spectrum UPF 50+ UVA and UVB protection – the highest standards in the industry." (

I like these suits because they are easy don/doff, even when wet - particularly when Bad Ass Kid needs to take a Bad Ass Dump. Bing Bam Boom, it's off in a jiffy, the kid does her business, and then...Start the party up again (obviously 'business' is conducted in purpose-built sanitation facilities with adequate plumbing).
Although NoZone is not the only player in this game, we decided to support a local business (as is our Bad Ass Family practice when we can). The positioning of the zippers and how it butterflies open to shove the kid in is well thought out. It offers some stretch to it, so you as Bad Ass Kid grows, you can still maximize your ROI.

Similar to NoZone
So my Bad Ass Kid looks like a kamikaze, but that's OK, cause she ruled the waterpark. Older kids be steppin' all up in her face, she be like 'Homeboy not wearing a sunsuit, homeboy gonna get a hurt real bad.' WORD. She speaks the truth yo. Have you ever seen a baby or even a 3 year old with sunburn. I have (not my own, we're more bad ass than that), and it is not pretty, nor is it quiet.

Besides offering superior UVAB protection, the other thing to consider would be the Bad Ass Kid's relative comfort. Is it going to overheat them? Will it make them rashy from rubbing on the skin?  Will it make them look fat? Will it make Bad Ass Dad look like an overprotective geeky dad?

Similar to NoZone
I can honestly say that my Bad Ass Kid has never complained about being in a NoZone suit. She never once complained about being hot, or rashy, or asked if it makes her look fat. There might of been a time when we put her into another brand (maybe a two piece), which was a little more difficult to don/doff when wet, but generally, it's become ingrained into her psyche that when Bad Ass Dad takes Bad Ass Daughter to have a Bad Ass fun time in the sun for an extended period of time, the suit goes on.

A recent trip to a tropical island, largely untouched by modern America, saw Bad Ass Daughter donning a sun suit for a good 3-4 hours in the sun, before going back to the estate for a quick shower and lunch, then nap. We would rinse out all the sand and hang dry for the next day. We would then have her wear a second suit for the pool in the afternoon, simply because it matched the colour of my Mojito better, plus it had longer sleeves to protect her from the unforgiving afternoon sun.

Cannot tell if Nozone or not...
If you are a dad being forced by your wife to check out reviews on different sun suits, but you still think it's ghey....don't. You would be a Bad Ass Dad for making your kid look cute and dorky at the same time. Not to mention, you would save money not having to purchase as many cans of sunscreen, two-piece bikini's (the longer you keep your daughters out of those, the better), or aloe vera salve.

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