Thursday, April 19, 2012

BAD Gear: North Eastern Arms PDW

Every BAD needs a PDW. WTF is a PDW? Personal Defense Weapon - a compact semi-auto or auto firearm similar to a submachine gun, but firing a rifle round. This results in better range, accuracy, and will defeat body armour and in some cases barriers (if using barrier-blind rounds). A submachine gun, uses pistol rounds, which do not have these capabilities. A PDW should be compact enough that it can be manoeuvred around inside a vehicle and within tight quarters like your home. There's a lot of bad guys out there, even near my home, there's been accounts of home invasions.

How to be better prepared than to have a PDW. This one I acquired through channels, but similar-styled ones can be had at your specialized firearms supplier (suppliers who service the good guys who then shoot the bad guys). A PDW can range from sub $1000 cdn to $3500 cdn. Luckily for me, well... this PDW is built by NEA, a Canadian manufacturer and supplier of weapons etc to international and domestic LE/MIL and civ markets.

One thing to consider are the optics. Yes they are an expensive piece of kit, but it also aligns your defensive tool up against the bad guy. When it comes to life or death, you want to have the best piece of kit you can get. I'm using an Aimpoint T1, because it's proven to work. All the time. Red dot on upper torso, pull trigger, game over.

NEA lists some of the tech specs from its website...
The NEA-15 Personal Defence Weapon (PDW) is built on our NEA-15 Billet Receiver Set featuring flared magwell and enlarged integrated trigger guard. The NEA-15 PDW includes our 7.5" Polygonal rifled barrel surrounded by a 7" Slab Side free float quad rail and 6-position carbine stock.

Detailed Specs
Overall Length Collapsed : 21.5" (546mm)
Overall Length extended : 27.5" (699mm)

Billet Receiver
M4 Feed Ramps
Type III Hard Anodized
Laser engraved T-markings
Impregnated with Dry-Film Lubricant

Billet Receiver
Type III Hard Anodized
Flared Magwell
Enlarged integrated trigger guard
Milspec Standard parts kit
Milspec Standard charging handle
A2 Grip
6-Position Carbine Stock (commercial)

Bolt Carrier Group
M16 Full Auto BCG (High Pressure Tested (HPT), Magnetic Particle Inspected (MPI))
Properly staked gas key

Fore End
7" Length Slab Side Free Float Quad Rail
6061 T6 Aluminum, Type III hard anodized
Laser Engraved T-markings (upper rail)
Carbine length gas system
Low Profile gas block
A2 Flash Suppressor

7.5" Length with M4 Feed Ramps
4140 CMV, High Pressure Tested (HPT), Magnetic Particle Inspected (MPI)
1:7" Twist, Button Cut Polygonal rifling
Extension, Gas Port, Bore & Exterior treated with our proprietary ARC+ processing
Warranty - Lifetime

I'm sure all those tech specs are impressive, but for me, as long as it shoots, and shoots consistently where I want the rounds to go, I am happy. There is no range report, because I just received it. So look out for that.

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