Thursday, November 29, 2012

BAD Gear: Talon Knife

I haven't done a post on knives before - mainly because I'm not a knife aficionado nor have I mastered the ultra super elite saber reverse grip slash combative technique. Just, give me a shank and I can probably shiv someone real good - and hurt myself in the process.

I do have a couple of knives kicking around, all are folders (if you don't count the machete brought back from Costa Rica). I have a couple of Spydercos, a couple of Bokers, but nothing exquisitely expensive nor unique. I even have this really neat money-clip style one by Gerber, that uses a hardware store utility blade. This, in itself, is a cool piece of travelling kit because I can always dump the blade at the airport, reach my destination - hit up a hardware store, and BOOM, got myself a low-profile EDC.

I've used my knives in some form or fashion, but one of the things I found clumsy about knives, is that it takes up one hand. There are often times when you need both hands but still need the ability to cut shit. I end up putting the knife in my mouth to hold it. My risk-adverse wife, kids, cohorts, doctors, and nurses agree this is not a good way to hold sharp things.

So I went looking for a solution that would enable me to be handsfree and yet be armed. An example of this, in a tactical response situation, something goes bump in the night, you get your ultra high lumens flashlight with strobe effect, and/or your Glock with a TLR-1. But just in-case, if you needed to engage at bad-breath distance, you also grab a knife. The Talon Knife is the shizzle for this nizzle. You basically wear it like a ring that spans to fingers, your trigger finger, and your smile finger.

Their blurb on the website states:
simple, minimalist concept with great cutting power in a compact, discreet package –extremely quick to access and more retainable in a struggle or emergency situation than any other knife design.
Unique among knives and other tools, your custom fitted Talon EDC knife (everyday carry knife) can be deployed while permitting the normal use of your hand.
The Talon knife comes in a variety of different handles sizes designed to fit the unique, personal dimensions of your hand.
It is quickly accessible under stress and extremely retainable. Weighing in at just over 1 ounce, its small size and ultra-light weight ensures that you will never be without a useful cutting edge.
Because its unique design leaves both your hands free while deployed, normal activities such as carrying items, driving, climbing, pushing or pulling as well as tactical actions such as reloading, grappling or striking are all possible with your Talon in hand.
In virtually any situation, you can deploy your Talon EDC knife and continue the normal functioning of your hands.

So the ordering process through is super easy. Because the knife is customized for different hand sizes: girly hands, hipster hands, man hands, and goliath hands, one must measure the circumference for the two fingers, and select the appropriate size. Other than that it was easy. The package came within 5 business days in a yellow padded envelope. Upon opening, the box was well packaged.

Like a kid on Christmas day, I ripped open the cellophane to get at the contents. The knife comes prewrapped in de-cored para 550 cord. It is wrapped in a true Kydex sheath, and it is actually quite tight. There's no movement when holstered. It comes with an instruction manual on the proper care and maintenance of the knife and sheath. Underneath the foam placeholder is a goodie bag carrying cloth type deal that contained some accessories, mainly carrying options. All depend on using the sheathing to holster the knife.

It comes with a beaded necklace type deal, zapstraps, clip, and some extra 550 cord to customize the sizing. For now I'm opting to holster the knife around a belt loop, securing it with the clip a la the picture on their website.

I'm totally digging how this fixed blade looks and feels. I feel like a muthaf*ckin ninja.

The Talon knife is crafted from 1.4116 steel (X45CrMoV15) and Rockwell Hardened to 59-60RC facilitating the sharpness staying sharp. The black titanium coating is a tactical coating for non-reflectivity while protecting it from corrosion.

This knife is my new EDC, along with my trusty Gerber. But I see this fulfill a more tactical and defensive role, than my box cutter. At 60 bucks, you have to ask yourself, WHY THE HELL NOT. My next diving trip, I'll be rocking this on my bat belt. Of course it will also be my bad breath fighting tool. Looking at the overall shape and design, it looks as though the designer intended it to also be able to break windows with the back knob, I can only assume that the next iteration might contain half serrations, or even a seatbelt cutter.


  1. Looks awesome! Great review man. Gotta get me one of them :)

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