Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Regarding the Sandy Hook School Massacre...

I felt compelled to write something about this. As a dad with little girls who are almost at age to be in elementary school, words cannot describe the feelings of sorrow, despair, and hatred as a result of the actions of a low-life scumbag who's name shall never be mentioned.  Before I became a dad, the news wouldn't of affected me the way they do now. Even now, days after the massacre, that lump in my throat, the welling up of tears in my eyes, as I visualize my own girls in that unthinkable situation.

(AP Photo/David Goldman)
Now, as I write this, there is much public discourse about effectiveness of gun control, mental health resources. There's calls for assault weapons bans more gun control. There's calls for more money thrown at mental health. The thing is, we live in a time where crazy people exist; whether they are terrorists, homegrown extremists, or just plain crazy.

I submit that no amount of debate, legislation, or money thrown at gun control or mental health will deter the determined crazies from exacting their brand of fucked up shit on civilians. Just like nobody, can ever predict an earthquake, I really don't think anybody can predict a crazy person going into a school and murdering 20+ people. In terms of stopping it, God Bless the LEOs who's active shooter training kicked and went in without SWAT. They probably saved the lives of countless more kids and teachers. However, LEO's are not posted at every school, and response times vary from region to region.

Sure regions can post LEO's or security at every school, but this is just not financially sustainable. Nor, is it exactly an environment conducive to learning for kidlets. What can and should be done, are failure drills. Drills that are ingrained at every level, from the Principal down to the Student. Failure drills are just what they sound like. Drills that happen when there is a failure or compromise of a secure and safe environment for learning. Whether its an unknown person roaming through the halls, or unknown smell emanating from unknown source, or weird smoke coming from a westerly, these are all candidates for failure drills. And it need not be rocket science.

Much like earthquake drills teach duck and cover, failure drills for students can be the same simplicity, such as lock and hide. There are numerous ways to lock a door, with all sorts of devices on the market. Hiding behind a barrier would help. For the Principal and the teachers, it is incumbent on them to secure the windows and doors as soon as there is an alarm.

Terrifying as it is, the reality of what could happen if these types of mitigation aren't actioned, would be worse.

I've sidestepped the whole gun control debate, mainly because guns are not the problem. Crazy fucked up people are. I admit, I'm not read up on crazy fucked up people issues. All I know is that, if fucked up crazy lowlifes do unspeakable things, they deserve to burn in hell - but not before they spend some time in a room with a bunch of bad ass dads with steel toe boots and a concrete curb.

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  1. Good observations. Most cowards would likely not enter schools or other areas where concealed weapons may exist. It wouldn't stop all of them, but a few school principles with training and a weapon locked away would be a much less desirable target.



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