Wednesday, May 15, 2013

BAK Gear: Baby Bottom Better (Ass salve for your baby)

BAM and I swear by this shit. We've tried Penaten, Vasoline, Arbonne Baby Cream, and a whole host of other creams, salves, ointments with zinc oxide. We always come back to Baby Bottom Better in the 50ml tin. It's all natural and its even good for eczema. So far, we've used it on both our kids and the results are great. If your kid has diaper rash,  or you want to prophylatically protect your new born's butthole then use this. There's nothing better than a cycle of changing wet diapers, airing out the butt, and cleaning it, but if you need to have them in diapers then use this stuff. The tin is about the size of tobacco chew tin, and you only need to use a finger's worth. I like this stuff because its not messy and its not white and creamy.

Now if you have a new infant, you'll probably best to stick with vaseline (petroleum jelly) - use it like you own stock in it. This is when the merconium (that's the shit that newly born infants shit out) is kicking in. The reason being, vaseline coats the ass and butthole, so that the sticky shit is easier to wipe off. When the merconium turns to breastfeeding poo, then the Baby Bottom Better reigns supreme. 

It's a soothing petroleum-free salve made with three contact healing herbs and Calendula (an anti-fungal). This perfume-free salve has excellent healing properties and helps keep babys bottom dry by providing a barrier from moisture. Use for urine contact and yeast infected diaper rashes as well as cradle cap. I only wish this salve came in a pit-stick format, so that you can just run the stick down in-between the butt-crack without having to use your fingers. Idea for the next product enhancement maybe.

We buy the tin from Huckleberry Baby Shop, but it can be sourced on Amazon or at your other specialty baby stores. We have two of these, one at home, one in the travelling tote made by Generation Baby

The quicker you apply remedial action to your kid's diaper rash, the quicker you can get back to using her as your improvised iPAD stand device.

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