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BAD Gear: Importing from Brownells How-To Guide for Canadian Bad Ass Dads

So I am writing this little gem for those who of us who live in Canada and want to import gun stuff from Brownells. There's a myth that importing gun parts out of the US takes a lot of paperwork and bureaucracy. While some paperwork is required, ultimately its just 3 or 4 pieces, and its all digital. The whole process takes about 20 minutes. I've not incurred any extra costs(notwithstanding the duty and taxes).

So some acronyms I'll be using:
DFAIT - Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (Canada)
IIC - International Import Certificate (Canada)
DOS - State Department (USA)
DDTC - Directorate of Defense Trade Control (USA) 
FFL - Federal Firearms License (USA)
ITAR - International Traffic in Arms Regulations (USA)
DSP83 - Non-Transfer and Use Certificate (USA)

When buying from Brownells, there are a few options for buyers:
  1. Non-gun parts as well as US Commerce-regulated parts. There is no dollar limit.
  2. Gun-parts manufacturers under $100/order. Manufacturer must be registered with DOS; however does not require import/export papers.
  3. Gun-parts manufacturers over $100/order. Manufacturer must be registered with DOS, and requires import/export papers.
  4. No parts requiring FFL can be imported from Brownells.
  5. No parts controlled under ITAR or other export restrictions can be imported Brownells. This includes hi-cap 22lr mags.
This tutorial is for (3.).

You will require the following documents, links will be provided at each step:
   - International Import Certificate (Canadian)
   - DSP83 (US)
   - End User Statement (self-declaration)
   - Purchase Order (self-typed)

1.  Check that the manufacturers are registered with State Department.

  • To do this, click this link to a spreadsheet I made.
  • These are manufacturers doing business with Brownells that can export to Canada (there are several other registered companies who are not on this list because they do not do business through Brownells)
  • There are also export restrictions from US Commerce department (scopes, shotgun parts, etc). The process is the same except that a separate IIC, DSP 83, End-user certificate etc is required for the Commerce portion of the order. An order could definitely contain both a State and Commerce-regulated portion: ie 2 x the paperwork on the same order. I've found that the easiest way to find out what part falls under which department, is to do the next step...

2. The next step is to place an order through Brownells Online.

  • You will, get an Order Confirmation right after:

Order Confirmation - Order # 52602296
Bill To: Ship To: Payment:
Canada Parcel Post Surface
Credit Card XXX 
Stock Number / Description Retail Price Your Price Quantity Total
080-000-558 (In Stock) .22LR Conversion Kit w/26 Round Mag $189.99 $184.99 1 $184.99
Product Total $184.99
Tax (Iowa and Indiana Only) $0.00
Shipping Restriction Charges $0.00
Shipping - Parcel Post Surface TBD
COD Charge $0.00
NRA Add-A-Buck $0.00
Total $184.99

  • Within 24hrs, you will receive another notice:

Thank you for placing your order with Brownells. This is to confirm your order and indicate what items are in stock and will be shipped.
SHIP TO: Purchase Order #: 20100119-1
Your Web Confirmation #XXXXXXXXX Generated Order #XXXXXXXXXX.00
If you have questions regarding this order, please contact us at: Order on the web at:
200 South Front St
Montezuma, IA 50171

  • By going through the online process of ordering, you get the stock number, the item description on the Order Confirmation, and more importantly what restrictions the items fall under (State or Commerce, thus determining the amount of paperwork you will have to complete) . You use this to copy and paste when you fill out forms. DDTC, for example would be State Department's Directorate of Defense Trade Control.

3. The next step is to get an IIC Here. Click ACCEPT at the bottom of the page

  • Fill out the details for the Client/Contact information. GST/EICB Numbers do not need to be filled in. Hint: phone numbers are (xxx)xxx-xxxx
  • The Importer should be the same as client
  • The Exporter will be Brownells. Fill in the information using the Brownells Order Confirmation emails as reference
  • End User should be yourself, and for personal use
  • Items. For each item, copy and paste the description from the Order Confirmation number, for example: 080-000-558 .22LR Conversion Kit w/26 Round Mag, enter the USD currency amount
  • No additional documents required
  • Distribution select Surface Mail - doesn't matter, you will get an email
  • Then submit. It takes a few days to receive via email

4. The next step, while you are waiting, is to fill out a DSP83 form (use typewriter function in acrobat), that can be downloaded from Here.

  • Fill out sections: (3.), (4.), (5.), (6.), and (7.) leaving the rest empty for US Govt and Brownells to fill out.
  • For section (5.) Itemize each item per line, for example: 1 080-000-558 .22LR Conversion Kit w/26 Round Mag 184.99
  • Print it, sign it, I wouldn't date it until you get your IIC in the mail and are ready to send everything off.

5. The next step, while you are waiting, is to fill out an End User Declaration form that can be downloaded from Here.

  • Fill out the End-user information which should be for self.
  • For the Description of main activity, for my specific case I wrote: personal use at the range for target practice
  • End-Use should be the same as the description of main activity: personal use at an approved range for recreational target shooting practice in Canada.
  • Other nifty descriptions could include something like: All the above goods will be assembled by the end user in an AR15 semi-automatic rifle, Caliber .223 Rem, (chiefly the upper section of said rifle) to be personally used by the end user for recreational target shooting in Canada.
  • Sign it, wait for IIC to date it before you send the whole package.

6. The next step, is to copy the old Order Confirmation into something like a word doc, using your name as letterhead. Here is a sample you can copy and paste into your word processor.

  • Fill this PO out, substituting for your information.

7. Once you get your IIC. Send everything down to:
C/O Sandy Moranville
200 South Front St
Montezuma, IA 50171

8. The whole process should take about a month or less (depending on back orders).


  1. We're clear for up to $500 now, which makes things a heck of a lot easier.

  2. Wow man ! I was waiting for informations like that since 3 years.... Thanks a lot and I will try that.

  3. Just want to say I am so happy to have found this website. Tons of useful info, and that it's from a fellow Canadian makes it even better.
    Cheers from Ontario

  4. You took most of the mystery out of this. Thanks for your effort!!
    Your Fellow Canadian

  5. Thanks for the great info! I'm trying to find the "official" list of manufacturers registered with the DOS. Anyone know where that might be found? I want to order some Pro Mags


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