Thursday, August 29, 2013

BAD Gear: Allen Gun Works (AGW) Linear Muzzle Brake

I have a NEA PDW (North Eastern Arms Personal Defense Weapon) with a heavy 7.5" barrel. Very very short. I have my own reasons for running such a small barreled gun. Concealment, movement with vehicles, movement in buildings, etc. This rifle isn't being used to
engage targets more than 100m, this is for bad breath distances and Holy Shit Contact distances. I find that the A2 Birdcage it came with tended to dissipate the gas and the noise back into my face. The use of eye and ear pro mitigated most of that. But, my shooting partners, or the folks on my team, they no likey being too close. So I looked into finding something that would lessen the effects of gas and noise on the shooter and those beside.

I landed upon the AGW Linear Muzzle Brake. Note that this is not designed to be a Flash Suppressor or Hider like the A2 cage is. So you will get fire breathing. That's cool though, cause if the guy in front of me is going to get a bullet hole, he might as well catch on fire too. I bought the brake from Darren at whom I believe have an arrangement with Allen of AGW to stock these at a very good price of 50 bucks. Now, there are linear brakes out there that also combine some aspect of flash hiding: ATRS Eliminator,  Battlecomp Comps, or even the Levang Linear brake.  However, for the cheapness and no hassle and simple design of the AGW LMB, I'd give it a try (also a bonus is that its made in Canada).

My impressions after 6 months of use is that it is durable (thus far). It is a fire breath SOB. It does do what it asserts to do, that is: Reduces felt recoil, Straightens the escaping gas from the muzzle (the muzzle climb is directed rearwards instead of up or down), Forces muzzle blast down range instead of sideways, and it is Low profile and fits into most rail systems. It is made with 4140 HTSR and finished in a Salt Bath Nitride. The outer dimensions are L2" x W1" with a 1/2-28" threading. The interior diameter is bored out for firing .223/5.56 projectiles. There is also .308/7.62 version available.

The design features include a notched barrel end for wrenching. The muzzle end is crowned and bevelled inwards, with 6 gas ports surrounding the muzzle in cocentric circle.

It does extend the barrel length by 2 inches, but on a PDW like mine, it's well worth the extra length. Apparently, through testing, AGW claims it "dramatically improved cycling. You could empty a mag as fast as you could pull the trigger with no issues. This is a result of the increased back pressure..."

So far, I am quite happy with the results I am getting with it. I've had zero cycling issues typical of a PDW-sized weapon. I'm hoping in future releases some measure of flash hiding and shortening of length (towards an A2 size) would be available and at the similar pricing.  I'd recommend this as a solution for those running PDW's.

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  1. I purchased the same style unit off S&J Hardware. Decent piece of kit, but I ended up going back to a standard A2 birdcage for the compactness.



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