Thursday, February 27, 2014

It's tax time!

This is just a quick post to say that, if you're Canadian and looking for new way to prepare your taxes and file them easily, then check out Did I mention they are free, no strings attached?

Simpletax is a cloud-based Canadian software company authorized to NETFILE with the CRA. So what this means is that I can log in from anywhere and prepare my taxes - from home, from work, on the bus, upside down in the amazon rain forest... I can even do it from overseas.

I love the simple and intuitive user interface, the question marks are helpful, and the links go to CRA website for more FAQ. I also like the number crunching for optimizing coupled tax returns.

In the past I've used installed software like simply accounting and quicktax and turbotax. These are just bloated applications that I use once a year. So why have it installed? Why not just go to a simple login screen, type my credentials in, then BING BANG BOOM. I can switch between profiles and prepare BAM's as well. It's pretty darn slick.

For me, I don't need tax advice from software, I don't need to know how much more I will save if I take out a loan for my RRSP's, etc. I just need an app that will enable me to fill in the boxes, validate against some business rules, do some optimization and boom done. I'll save the advice for when I meet my financial planner.

The dev team is relatively small, but they are subject matter experts consisting of a tax lawyer, designer, and developer. what more do you need for rapid prototyping other than user feedback?

So, I say, give them a try, and if you like it, send a lil' somethin somethin there way to keep the project going.

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