Tuesday, April 22, 2014

BAK Gear: Gro-Clock - children's clock

Sorry folks its been a while since my last legit kid's stuff review. I've been out saving the world and getting a tan at the same time. This review is on the Gro-Clock, a clock designed specifically for aiding your kid to learn when to sleep and when to get out of bed. My little bad ass kids haven't learned to tell time yet, but timings are important to me, probably much more so than love, respect and scotch.

We searched for a perfect system, reading online on how to teach kids how to tell time, and honestly none of that shit works. Not really. Not unless you put your kid into 5 minute horse stance timeouts enough times, that they can guestimate when you say "don't wake up for another 3 horse stances" Well, that only sort of works. The Gro Clock has a countdown timer in the form of sunrays or moonrays, that gives the timings some visual context.

We started out first kid on the Gro Clock when she got into a toddler bed which coincided with her new-found ability to get in and out of bed on her own. Sleep training with this clock enabled her to gain increasing responsibilities and freedoms while decreasing her dependence on us. If she wakes up before the screen turns to wakeup (orange) and the audible beeps, its her responsibility to stay in bed or in her room until it does turn to orange and beeps.

The Gro-Clock really fit with what we were looking for, which were:

  • Visual representation of sleep (indiglo blue) and wakeup (yellowish orangey)
  • Intuitive Countdown timer
  • Dual wakeup times (one for nap and one for night)
  • Silent and/or audible tone
  • Double as a nightlight
  • Adjustable backlighting
  • Child lock out
  • Sleek and sexy

The product itself has a built in battery that "freezes" all the settings, including the main time; therefore if the power is off/on a few minutes it shouldn't be off by much. However after 3 or 4 hours, the battery drains. It also uses an LED backlighting, so power consumption is quite low, in fact it also has a built-in energy saving mode, the clock will turn off the LED after wakeup. There are two sleep modes, using different icons. One is a sun, the other a moon - perfect for daytime nap and night time sleep. We liked this clock so much that we picked up another for our 2-year old - who just transitioned from crib to toddler bed.

Here are the rest of the features from the product website:

  • ​Glowing screen shows images of stars and sun to communicate 'sleep' and 'wake-up' time
  • Includes fun bedtime story book
  • Stars go out one-by-one during the night to show the passing of time
  • Key-lock option
  • Option to set two separate wake-up times (weekday/weekend or night-time/day-time nap)
  • Adjustable screen brightness
  • Silent operation
  • Optional audible alarm feature
  • Mains powered (adapter included)
  • Suitable from age 2+ years
  • Conforms to highest applicable British and European Standards
  • Educational option of showing digital clock during the ‘stars to sun’ countdown
  • "Mr Star" night time graphic
  • Beautifully illustrated bedtime storybook

Now this ain't the magic bullet that will turn your hellish satanic kid into a sleeping heavenly cherub over night. This great piece of hardware used, in conjunction, with consistent parenting and disciplining will yield great results. Now if you just slap this onto their table, and tell them " don't wake up till it shines, or I'm a beat your ass" That's probably not going to work well for you - especially if you just lazy and want to sleep in till 10am. We use sticker charts as a reward system - over a 7 day period. The Gro-Clock becomes part of her nightly routine, and as long as she accomplishes them all - she gets a sticker beside each task, and when she fills the chart she can pick out of a box some useless dollar store trinket. The key here is consistency and a good understanding of Pavlovian Conditioning.

We bought the clock from Toys R Us Canada for $50 CDN.


  1. Its a very adorable clock but my kid never gets up until we force him to :)

  2. This is a very cute clock. Where should I put it? My kid breaks these things very often.

  3. Great to know these cute clock.



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