Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tech has made men LAZY, LACKING, and LANGUID (Part I)

This is going to be a series of blog posts about how tech, unmanaged is stripping manliness from males. So I'm targetting you so-called men who fancy yourselves as technogeeks, hipsters, metrosexuals, whatever. You are lazy. You are lacking, and You are languid (go ahead, Google it).  I'd be a hypocrite if I did not include myself as well; even I, the self-proclaimed late adopter of tech, find myself becoming too reliant on technology. What's scarier is how easy it is to be addicted to tech. The increase in the rate of technology adoption amongst men, has in my observation, severely decreased several quality traits that make males men (More on that later). I do hope that this is not just a complaint or awareness piece, but hope to discover and impart some ways on how males can become men and still leverage technology.

When was the last time you did something remotely chivalrous? Open the car door for your lady, or holding the door open at the mall? How about you watching an incident unfold, realizing you should do something - but not. Instead, you use your car remotes, you take advantage of the handicap button, you hover with morbid curiosity with your Facebook Live - hoping to gain that little instant gratification to be the first to post live some critical incident - while having wanton disregard for the safety and well-being of others. Men have let technology, for the sake of convenience erode away the ability to not only discern what's right or wrong, but also the ability to respond instead of react.

I recall an incident last year where I was waiting for the bus, when across the street I witnessed an older gentleman fail to stop and rear-end a nurse, hard, who was going home from her night shift. Almost immediately, the "men" waiting with me, or rather weak and pathetic biologically-born males switched from their Instagram selfies app to the video app and started recording this incident. Nobody, NOBODY thought to respond - instead their first reaction was to be the first to post - its like a passive-aggressive apathy. I yelled at one of them calling them by their jacket colour - to dial 911 and follow me. I also asked him if he new basic first aid, CPR - to which he said NOPE.

As first-on-scene, I made that guy be a safety flagger best he could, while I did my assessment and response. After performing the ABC's, shock prevention and writing all the bio-metrics down, we waited for the medics to arrive. It was after that then I went back to the bus stop. By then, obviously I missed my ride and had to wait another 30 minutes. The guy whom I seconded? He was pissed he missed his bus, he was also shaking - probably from his adrenaline high of directing traffic. My point is, he was so accustomed to apathy - he did not even notice he probably helped to save two lives, and probably prevented another accident, and he did not stand up to me.

We've been so conditioned to depend on technology, that if I had asked that guy to do ABC's he'd have to google it. Smart phones are creating dumb men. Why exercise the brain and gain knowledge through reading and practical training, when we can just "google it." Our reliance on tech has really fostered a lazy learning acumen. "Look that shit up" or "What's it say on Wiki?" So what we end up with are Facebook-smart males who can memorize and regurgitate the op eds they've read or the newest and greatest viral threads - but they won't be able to tell you what the ABC's of first aid is or can they practically apply anything they've read. This is classic "Oh, I really should do something about it...maybe later"

And this is what the political machines are preying on - Facebook-smart males who are not deeply rooted in any one belief system or moral compass and will sway any which way the wind blows. It pisses me off and makes me so sad and discouraged, I can see why women are filling this void and doing so successfully. It's like role reversal. The emasculation of males may have been started with the women liberalist movement, but I have to say, it's not like men are genuinely upset about it. In fact, your passive-aggressive "ooooh, women's lib has taken away our right to be men" is followed by "Thank God, I don't have to step up, let's get drunk and game on the computer all night." Women have taken up the slack into a leadership role, whether they like it or not. And so we have this dichotomous relationship between the man and the woman where no one is quite clear on what their role is or have the potential to be.

In my mind there are a few character traits that men should possess, and that I see quickly eroding away due to technologies such as smart phones, gaming, and next generation internet (speed, bandwidth).

Men should be able to defend themselves. But they are not. I'm seeing the pussification of man. That is, males who get butthurt over feelings and then they hold a grudge. Conflict is nothing new. Devices and internet has brought conflict into the virtual world, where mono a mono happens through texts, twitter, FB etc. You can call it cyberbullying or whatever, but the fact is face-to-face conflict resolution is not a skillset that is honed and learned anymore. Where's the respect? Where's the courage? Where's the humbleness?

And so, what we get are corporations, policies and bullies preying on these weak-ass males and taking advantage of them being so meek for they know not how to stand up and say NO. Let's take this to its logical end - when virtual politicking ends, and you are required to stand up and fight. Does your weak-ass know how to get physical? Can you throw a punch? Can your lazy and languid body take a gut shot or a jab to the eye? Probably not. Have you even been in a fight? You probably thought that your texting judo can get you out of anything. Perhaps, but its not going to help you manage an unknown contact as you are walking from your favourite hookah/coldbrew coffee bar to your scooter and you see this shady guy coming at you. If you do not have the fortitude to exercise verbal judo or to defend yourself physically - then tech has failed you. And what's worse, is if you are married, and or have kids, you are role-modelling how not to be someone who can protect and keep them safe.

In Part II, I will write about the next trait - men should be able to keep house. Tech is actually making lazy men - not cleaning up after themselves with the expectation that somebody else will do it.

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